The Reason Why Books Have Survived and Will Continue to Do So

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The trendsetter of hooking teens to the TV Dramas at my time was “Lost” and “Prison Break”. I got hooked on the movies when I was a teenager.

That’s the thing of being addicted to something. All I thought was which episode, which movie to watch in my free time. I was so intense on watching some of these TV shows that sometimes I thought the real world is not real.

Owing to my geeky nature, I enjoyed (and still do) my formidable years alone. …

That’s How You Can Spark Old Classic Love in Your Life

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Oh Simon, I love you so much”, whispered Jacqueline with her eyes closed. That is a line by a character, a young lady, in the novel Death on The Nile by Agatha Christie.

This simplest form of expressing love still lingers on today. The difference is the message it conveys. In earlier days you could feel the warmth by these simple words. Now, until and unless you don’t do fancy stuff nobody takes you seriously like going to the moon and back.

Although the novel itself is not a romantic one but deeply and intricately describes human behaviours and relations.

The Idea and Power to Have Everything for Themselves Only

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Humans are social animals. The reason why humans have taken over the world and made chimps, lions and elephants look like pieces of ornament is their superior communication skills. Even till now in my country, the rural population paints a completely different and serene picture as compared to the cities.

Houses in the villages are not big and often without boundary walls. Even the bigger ones have fewer or smaller rooms. People spend the whole day outside. Rooms are only used to protect the belongings not for being inside for the whole day. …

48 Laws of power teaches what the world is not how it should

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Let’s be honest. Not all of us want to change the world some (read most of us) just want to get on with it. This book “48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene” has taught me more about the unwritten rules of life that no degree or institute has ever been able to.

This book has elaborated with examples about the ways and secrets to rise for everyone ranging from businessmen, corporate executives, politicians, artists, and farmers. It is a recipe of practical instructions on what life and the world is not how it should be. Even if you want…

Wow great piece Mathew. Gave me chills, and insteresting as hell. Keep doing the great stuff.

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To progress in your career only 30% is dependent on your skills, the rest 70% is your ability to communicate effectively. You all have read or heard this at some point in your life. I did too but never did I understood that this has far more implication than it seems apparent.

How people progress in their professions by better communication is very broad yet deep and necessary to understand. Human beings love connection. We yearn for relationships. All types of humans, the extroverts, the introverts, the career-oriented, and the family type, all prefer someone they know.

Your ability to…

Thanks for sharing Anangsha. I love fantasy. It opens up our mind and gives us inspiration that no other Genre can come near. The best way to escape the routine of daily lives is to indulge myself in a fantasy.

Its’ Not about the Money It’s about Being Able to Earn Money

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Is it possible? Yes. Is it necessary? No. In my opinion, it certainly helps. It will improve your writing in ways you can’t imagine. Doesn’t matter how many “How to improve your writing” articles you read, how many free online courses you take.

It only comes down to how much you write. Again, improvement is dependent on how much you write not how much you publish. There is a difference. People confuse writing every day with publishing every day. Sure, there is value in good and honest feedback but the real gym is writing.

This is true if you are…

Kill The Routine

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If you want to feel alive you have to see yourself, and I don’t mean in the mirror. I believe sometimes a person should stop in their tracks, detach themselves from the daily clockwork activities and retrospect.

There occurs a flash moment of truth, in which you see your life clearly and with a perspective previously unknown to you.

If you think bullet train travels fast, imagine how much speed life would have if turned into a bullet train. We are all living (I am assuming no ghosts reading this story), some longer than the others, but do all of…

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